Time Traveler From The Future Speaks!

Greetings! I am Bryant Johnson, better known to the world as Booger2048. You probably know me as the alcohol injected time traveler from the future. You would be correct! I am here to do my duty in saving humanity. You’ve landed on my website. Apparently these things are still requirements in your time.

Viral Headlines

You have probably seen my name posted all over news articles! This is no coincidence. This is the first step in my plan to aid humanity. I may have landed one year too early, but that gives me more time!

Follow Me into the Future

Join me! I cannot stand alone in this mission! My followers are very important to me. I know I am not alone in knowing we are facing great change and challenges ahead.

Build the Foundation

I am building the foundation needed to change the trajectory of our interplanetary future! We have to act now.

This is Just the Beginning

They are out there.. Watching us. Will you join me?




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